The Next Evolution of Funnels:

Disruptive, One-Click ‘Video Funnel’ Technology 10xs Leads and Sales Handsfree

Get Paid Helping Businesses Use ‘Speed-to-Lead’ VideoFunnels that
Reduce the Customer Journey Process to a Single Click

One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees
Agency Rights Included Today Only

Introducing the Fastest Way to Convert
a Prospect to a Sale in History:

The Old ‘Leaky Funnel’ Method:

The New Improved ‘VideoFunnel’ Method


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Live Video Does All The Selling

For the first time ever…

10x Sales & Leads For Local Businesses Handsfree by Installing Frictionless Video & Voice Funnels in a Click

Hey, it’s Ben Murray with Atlas Web Solutions here, and after months of development we’ve created groundbreakign video and voice technology designed to reduce the distance between prospects and businesses to just one click.

Get paid monthly fees helping small businesses ditch leaky, outdated funnels and convert more qualified leads far faster with magical video funnel links.

Voiclet is a disruptive app that creates new video and voice funnels that 10x sales by reducing the customer journey process to just a click and closing leads with high-converting HD video selling.
There’s no more need to wrestle with complicated and costly funnel builders, chat bots, webinar systems, follow-up sequences, and outdated funnel systems that just slow down sales.


in 2022 and beyond, customers only want to buy from businesses they know, like, and trust and want to speak directly to someone, such as on a phone call or a webinar, before buying online now.

Only now with Voiclet, there’s no need to use complicated webinar technology or even try registering someone in the first place. The sales process happens seamlessly in just a click giving the potential customer instant gratification.

You’re Just 3 SIMPLE STEPS Away From Earning Monthly Fees with a Service Small Businesses MUST HAVE

Step 1

Get Small Business Leads Whose Funnels Aren’t Converting Well (There are Millions of These)

Step 2

Set Up Voiclet Video Funnels in a Click for Them with DFY Agents

Step 3

Get Paid Month After Month While They See Much Higher Conversions and Sales

All it Takes is 4 Easy Steps to Get Results…

Step 1

Create a Campaign & Assign Agents

Organize campaigns by type and clients, and assign specific agents to each campaign that will answer the video calls or voice calls. Assign multiple agents to any campaign.

Step 2

Auto-Create a Magic Video Funnel Link or Widget

Then, create a ‘magical video link’ that will redirect to a video funnel or voice funnel ready for agents to close sales seamlessly.

As soon as the ‘magic video link’ is clicked the video call will start automatically so no leads bounce or get distracted.

You can also choose to create a smart chat widget to embed on any regular funnel page that when clicked, opens a voice or video call with an agent.

Step 3

Share Your Link & Close Leads Automatically

Share your magic video funnel link in Facebook ads, Google ads, TikTok profiles, Instagram profiles, blogs, and more. When anyone clicks it, they will be seamlessly redirected to a call ready to sell the product live for maximum conversions.

Agents can record calls, share the screen, adjust volume, and more with encrypted technology. Plus, if no one answers the call, redirect the link to a regular sales page or customer support page to leave a message.

Step 4

Share with Clients or Give App Access for Fees

Use video funnels to sell your own products and services or create campaigns for clients for a fee. You can also integrate clients into the app to manage their own inbound video funnels hands-free, charging a high monthly fee for access.

At any time, check stats like agents who picked up, video call time, minutes used, and more.

Watch This Powerful Demo To See This
Game-Changing Technology:

Some Unique Features Include…

Create New Video Funnel and Voice Funnel Selling Systems

Upgrade low-converting, multi-step leaky funnels to new ‘speed-to-lead’ video or voice funnels that significantly reduce the time it takes from interaction to sale and help close leads far easier.

Crystal-Clear HD Inbound Video Call Tech.

Convert leads faster and easier with live HD video calling that works anywhere in the world instantly.

Create ‘Magic Video Sales Funnel Links’

Create links that open up your video or voice funnel when clicked. As soon as a client clicks the link, a video call with start with an agent ready to answer their questions and close them fast!

All it takes now is a simple link to 10x conversions and turn any expensive, low-converting sales funnel into a profit-pulling one.

Create Video or Voice Selling Widgets

In addition to ‘magic video links’, create special widgets that embed anywhere page visitors can click to open up an HD video call or phone call with an agent fast and easily.

OmniChannel Marketing – Get Customers from Anywhere

Integrate magic video sales links in Facebook ads, Google ads, Tiktok profiles, Instagram profiles, and more that, when clicked, open your optimized video sales funnel.

Whenever they are clicked, prospects are taken to a video call to be sold and closed instantly.

Organize Campaigns by Clients

Create and organize video sales campaigns by product or by a client you’re working with so everything is organized.

Easily Assign Call Agents & Answer Video Calls on Web or Mobile

Assign single or multiple agents to answer specific video or voice campaigns in a click.

Agents can answer calls on desktop, or download the Android or iOS Voiclet app to answer calls on the go.

Easily Collect Email and Phone Number Leads

Choose to direct magic video funnel links to pages that require the leads phone or email address before opening the video call.

Video or voice calls can start instantly, or require the prospect to enter their email and/or phone number before connecting.

Create eButtons & QR-Codes that Instantly Go to Video Funnels

Integrate your video or voice funnel campaigns anywhere with smart QR codes or buttons. Turn a video sales funnel into a QR code and embed it on business cards or marketing flyers to reach and convert offline leads fast.

Get Prequalified Local Business Leads

Find prequalified clients desperate for more leads and sales and tired of struggling with expensive outdated sales and funnel tools. You’ll see exactly where these clients are and how to land them for $500+ per month.

Detailed Analytics

Quickly see which agents answered what calls, minutes used, and more with important analytics at the touch of your fingertips.

And Even More Features Like…

Tutorials & 24-7 Support

Autoresponder Integration

Real Results from Users

Easy to Use - Beginner Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Tutorials & Training Included

Send & Receive Links

Advanced Call Encryption

Accept Calls on Web, Android, or iPhone

Exclusive Voiclet Bonuses Include…

Whitelabel Rights to DFY Local Video Spokespeople

You’ll get tons of lively video spokespeople to integrate into you or your clients videos!

Comes in many different ‘local’ niches like dentist, real estate, and more to use for offline videos, unbranded and ready to sell or use in your own promo videos.

Animaze with Agency Rights

With only three easy steps, anybody, regardless of experience or technological proficiency, can produce captivating animated 3D films.

Anybody can utilize their face or any headshot as a 3D character in a gorgeous film without having to record themselves, and they can still have complete control over the spoken word using a text-to-speech engine or voice recorder.

ImageX 2.0 with Agency Rights

ImageX Ultra is like Photoshop for marketing, but it’s not as complicated and comes with tons of gorgeous DFY marketing templates.

It gives you 500 professional graphics templates including…

Badges, Banner Ads, Bonus Box, Business Cards, Call To Action Buttons, Deal Template, Facebook Covers, FB Viral Quotes, etc

Edit these in a click for local businesses and sell for any price you want!

Easy Desktop Screen Recorder with Agency Rights

Easily record your desktop and create review videos, education videos, and more in a click!

Screen recording apps are not cheap, but you’ll get this premium one for Mac or PC to take your videos to the next level.

Whitelabel Rights to 800k DFY Articles

Get 800k premium articles & content to sell, integrate into client’s sites, or use for SEO & articles.

These cost us $997 to create and you get them as a premium bonus today.

Agency Rights to Video Showcase Gallery 2.0

The most versatile gallery software tailored with amazing features and spectacular designs.

It is the ultimate gallery software that supports audio, video, images, posts, instagram and more.

Now you can build beautiful video portfolios showcasing your videos or videos for clients!

It offers tons of multiple options with flawless functionalities. Add many as gallery items as you like, quick edit and manage them however you want.

Reseller Rights to 2,500+ Premium Stock Footage Clips

Get Reseller Rights to 2500+ HD premium stock footage clips (includes tons of food & restaurants clips) to use in your marketing or for agency clients!

Whiskers and Cheese Method for Getting Offline Clients

Whiskers & Cheese Method to Local Clients (by Ben)

Getting clients to sell your videos to may be frustrating at first, mainly because tons of other businesses are trying to sell their internet marketing services too.

This creates an environment where the local business owners automatically delete or don’t pick up the phone for anything that may seem like a pitch to sell them services… EVEN IF THEY NEED IT!

Instead you can use this method to get local businesses and video marketing clients to CALL YOU and pay top dollar for your services, even if you’re brand new to selling video creation.

One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees
Agency Rights Included Today Only